Crescat Graffiti, Vita Excolatur was a project by Quinn Dombrowski from 2007-2011, documenting graffiti in public study areas in the Regenstein Library, the main library at the University of Chicago. In November 2009, Quinn published a book with a selection of the best graffiti, Crescat Graffiti, Vita Excolatur: Confessions of the University of Chicago, which is available on Amazon.com. For a more academic take on the graffiti, see “Walls that Talk: Thematic Variation in University Library Graffiti” in Journal of the Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science, Vol. 1, No. 3 (2011).

In 2012, Quinn left Chicago and moved to Berkeley. While she still occasionally wanders into university libraries to document whatever graffiti they have to share, Crescat Graffiti is largely on hiatus. All graffiti from this project is still available for downloading on Flickr, under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. You can still find graffiti t-shirts, mugs, etc. in the Crescat Graffiti store. Highlights from the graffiti corpus are being published gradually on the Crescat Graffiti Tumblr, to facilitate idle browsing. If you find any interesting university library graffiti that you’d like to share, email it to Quinn at quinn – at – crescatgraffiti – dot – com, and she’d be happy to add it to the Tumblr site.

Many thanks to everyone for their support with this project over the last five years!

Go browse the graffiti on Tumblr!