Go to Italy, be a cobbler

Go to Italy, be a cobbler” seems to be one of the most popular pieces of graffiti in the collection. It was Explored on Flickr in October 2007, and used on five different blogs (to date). It’s even on the mini-buttons I ordered for the book release.


But Val Archambeau suggested on the Crescat Graffiti Facebook page that it might be a reference to “Pretty Little Mistakes” by Heather Mcelhatton– a grown-up choose-your-own-adventure novel where you end up working as a cobbler in Italy in one storyline.

I kinda hope it’s a coincidence. Too many times I’ve Googled phrases from creative-sounding graffiti only to discover they’re (possibly somewhat mangled) quotes from songs or movies.

It also makes me wonder if the exhortation to chant with the monks in Tibet also comes from somewhere other than the tortured mind of a college student.

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