Book revision: now with more thanks!

The bad news: there’s going to be a delay on Amazon distribution for Crescat Graffiti. Apparently the cover text is too close to the edge (fair enough, there’s been a few copies where the final “o” is a tiny bit cut off).

As a rule, revising a book once you’ve purchased the extended distribution pack comes with a fee. But since it hasn’t actually been distributed yet, and there’s a problem with the cover, I get to do a revision for free. There’s a couple “warts” I’ve noticed as I’ve picked through the book that I can now clean up (there’s a page missing a header, I wouldn’t mind getting rid of the page numbers on the section title pages, maybe numbering the sections, minor stuff like that.) But, more importantly, I can also update the “Acknowledgments and Thanks” section to credit all the people who’ve gotten in touch with me since the book first came out.

So, if you’re responsible for any of the graffiti in the book, and haven’t gotten in touch with me yet, please do it soon so you can make it into the revision!

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