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It’s 5th week, which means more students are heading to the Reg to study for midterms. (Or not study, as the case may be.) During the last few months, the Crescat Graffiti blog has ventured beyond the Regenstein Library to explore the graffiti in Harper (mostly-not-my-gender) bathrooms, in far-flung dorms, in other campus libraries, at UC Berkeley and at Mount Holyoke College. But what’s been going on in the stacks since the now-world-famous hieroglyphic sex graffiti?

I’ve been keeping up with it, and below are some trends. If you want to follow the latest UChicago graffiti, I’ve also put together a new combined RSS feed for all the photo sets.

Déjà vu

It was November 2007 when I last saw a quote from some douchebag. Lo and behold, it reoccurred on one of the concrete pillars. And remember the sad tale of love during finals week? I recently found it restated more generally as Academia vs. Love. The very end of last school year brought T.S. Eliot to the stacks; within this last week, Emily Dickinson arrived.


There’s always been some color in the Reg graffiti, but recent graffiti writers have embraced the liberal application of highlighters and Sharpies. Consider this shadowing on Tang Dynasty poetry, a decorative star (or stars), as a replacement for italics in citation, or just to set off the center of a pretty flower.

Classic UofC

A wall covered in econ graphs and equations, with a translation for the rest of us: “Your stock went down“. A cantankerous reaction to love in the stacks, and a response reflecting on the purpose of library walls. A drawing of breasts and a penis, crossed out and “censored by sex“. Senatus Populusque Romanus made an appearance. One graffiti writer illustrated the value of drawing the line somewhere. The Reg stacks are full of people providing (un)solicited advice, but so rarely do the advice seekers provide feedback. And finally, have you ever considered what your choice of apple says about you?

A reminder

As I’ve stated elsewhere on this site, I don’t endorse writing graffiti, and I’d hate to be the cause of property damage. If I come across graffiti that’s clearly been written specifically for me, I won’t publish it.

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